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Retirement Village Accounting Software

At ABC50plus we know what matters most to you as an aged care provider – your residents. That’s why we provide innovative and easy-to-use aged care software solutions for accounting, retirement village operations, retirement care payroll, and other residential care operations – so that you can concentrate on caring for your residents.

We know you care about your residents and their families, but we also know you need to keep control of your costs and manage your bottom line. The day-to-day management and running of retirement villages and residential care facilities can be challenging and time-consuming. But there are cutting-edge and intelligent software solutions for assisted living that can help your business become more streamlined and make your care home workers’ working days far simpler and more productive.

MYOB Exo Business, Netsoft Res-Call™ and Care-Call™ assisted living software is an integrated accounting and user-friendly CRM interface that assists aged and community care centres to fully manage their costs, daily operations, payroll, staffing levels, resident appointments, health-care information, billing, and much more. Whether you operate a retirement village, low-care facility, high-care nursing home, or other community care centre, these dynamic residential care software packages with built-in Wage Easy provide higher rates of productivity, reduce errors, and increase security. Retirement villages best practice software such as this, uses digital technology to bring residential and care facilities into the 21st century.


What is included in ABC50plus Care Management Software?

We’ve partnered with MYOB Exo Business to offer quality ERP software solutions for those planning for retirement or transitioning to retirement with a fully integrated management system. MYOB EXO Business contains the following capabilities:

  •  Branch and department reporting
  •  A bespoke General Ledger
  • Cash flow management and creditor payments
  • Management report writer
  •  BAS management and reporting
  • Consolidated multi-file reporting
  • Easy set-up for management or development businesses.
Netsoft Res~Call™ netsoft Care~Call™

Netsoft Res-Call™ and Care-Call™ have been specifically developed for retirement village and residential care operations to assist with security, accuracy, and consistency across multiple business sites. Both of these comprehensive and user-friendly retirement village software programs help care staff and administrators easily deal with the daily running and management of a residential village and other care home facilities. The software can streamline your business and management operations by providing:

  • A system to book in new clients and residents
  • A tracking feature that allows you to monitor room movements and availability
  • A system to record medical details, dietary requirements, or health risks
  • A booking system for family visits and meetings.

There are several reporting capabilities within the management solutions software that allow care home operators to track and manage site occupancy and the movement of admissions and discharges too. You can generate expiring reports or reports on KPI management, as well as creating monthly billing for room charges and sundries. Instead of using several different software programs, accounting programs, and report templates for various business, financial, and management operations, the ABC50plus combined aged and community care software will consolidate these operations into one handy, easy-to-use software program.

Netsoft Res-Call™ and Care-Call™ software for aged care incorporates up-to-date learning and education requirements that allow your business and staff to meet industry standards and current residential care legislation. Keeping updated on changes in the industry will ensure your staff and your facility is providing the best care it possibly can.

You can customise the aged and community care software to suit the needs of your facility and of your residents. You can flexibly customise the software set-up to match the type of residents you care for, as well as for diet types and agreement types. This means that the software is optimised to the specific requirement of your residential village or care home facility. For more information on Netsoft Res~Call™ please go to NetSoft Brochure.

What are the Benefits of Using Software Management Solutions?

There are numerous benefits in using care management and business solutions software for residential villages, aged care facilities, and community care homes – not least that they are helpful, flexible, and cost-effective. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of swapping your care operations and administration to a digital solutions manager:

Financial Savings

Paper files and paper resident folders not only cost you money every month in paper, but they also cost you in the clerical time they consume in keeping them updated and filed appropriately. There’s also the associated ink and hardware maintenance costs that come with printing physical files and documents. With ABC50plus aged care management software you can rest assured that these digital systems will greatly reduce business overheads – there’s no more printing, filing, storing, or paper wastage. Plus, you will be doing your bit for the environment too.

Increased Staff Productivity

When using software solutions for long term care facilities your productivity levels can be greatly increased. All of your staff and resident information is in one easily accessible area which can be updated and managed quickly and easily. With this type of software your operations will be efficient, as there will be no need for your operators to type up full reports, create databases from scratch, or process individual accounts or bills.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

In many states and territories there are specific industry compliance standards that must be adhered to. Healthcare and residential care facilities are governed by law in many cases and must follow strict regulatory practices such as User Rights, Quality of Care, and Accountability responsibilities. In regards to compliance standards, software for retirement communities is useful for adequately keeping track of residents’ records, supplying data for audits or accountability purposes, and ensuring all staff details are documented and protected.

Reduction in Errors

Physical paper records, hand-typed reports, and written correspondence can involve a degree of human error. When staff are busy or stressed, mistakes can understandably be made. Not only that, but physical records and reports are more likely to be lost, mishandled, or misplaced resulting in a loss of data, disrupted operation of the care facility, and errors in care that could result in serious risks to residents. Residential and aged care software digitally stores and backs up files, records, reports, and other important information in one program. Information is electronically generated and arranged to make management of the care facility fully maximised. This limits the scope for human error significantly.

Increased Security

Physical documents can easily be destroyed or damaged – once they are gone you can’t ever get them back. Even though your computer system could be damaged or stolen, the software is constantly backed up and saved, which makes it very easy for an IT professional to retrieve any lost or corrupted data on the software system. With tracking and monitoring systems built-in, you can protect your resident and care facility data while maintaining a proper audit trail.

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Is Aged Care Financial Management Included in the Software?

Our retirement village accounting software includes Wage Easy, an HR, occupational health and safety, and payroll accounting software that consolidates your necessary aged care accounting needs into one convenient location. As part of ERP software solution for aged care this software allows your business to manage and pay bills and your staff, as well as adhere to HR and occupational health and safety standards. The software includes:

  • Comprehensive clock on and clock off options
  • An award interpreter
  • Integrated with Exo Business Software
  • Allowances by award/qualification/area
  • HR capabilities for people management and document management
  • Occupational health and safety materials
  • Multi-user access
  • Hourly shift options

The residential care management software combined with Wage Easy guarantees to optimise and organise your facility’s operations to ensure greater accountability, profitability, security, productivity, and essentially better care for your residents. You can create and manage staff rotas, document staff absences, keep track of payroll and tax requirements, and ensure health and safety standards are being met throughout the business.

How Do I Apply for the Aged Care Management Software?

All you have to do to discover more about the software is call our software and accounting specialists at ABC50plus on 07 3207 2560. One of our friendly team will be on hand to answer your call, where they will assist you with all your questions about the residential care accounting software. They will help you to choose the right software package for you based on your facility or business’ individual requirements. A software specialist will then come to your facility to install the software and train your onsite personnel on how to use, manage, and maintain the software.

At ABC50plus, our team will expertly install the software throughout your business sites, and integrate the software package within your existing systems. Our experienced specialists will be available for ongoing support should you need it; that means they will come to you onsite, or offer virtual or remote support if you are experiencing any issues with your software.

To find out more how ABC50Plus and ABC Business Solutions can assist you, talk to our specialists at 07 3207 2560 or visit our Contact Us webpage. Additionally you can read about Yeronga Retirement Village success story in our case study.

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