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What’s New in 2015


MoneyWorks is a large ERP accounting system that is integrated with Ostendo. MoneyWorks can be 100% cloud (the software and file is fully hosted by MoneyWorks). It can be loaded on a terminal server, and the file can be local OR the file can be hosted by MoneyWorks (all backups done for you). Or MoneyWorks can run directly from PCs or MACs (yes MACs). MoneyWorks will run on a fully MAC environment.

MoneyWorks offers the following features:

  • International accounting options with VAT/GST for multiple countries
  • Multi levels of general ledger – for departments, profit centres, locations etc –plus all budgeting options
  • Fully integrated report writer and API for customising
  • Fully customisable system – yet easy to use
  • Either Rent for $75 per month per user (for 100% hosted, which includes the hosting costs as well) OR purchase for $2995 for 3 users- annual licence fee is 20% (extra companies are no charge).

ABC Business Solutions will be setting up MoneyWorks for those needing a robust ERP accounting program. If you need operational systems i.e. stock control, manufacturing or jobbing, we will set these up in Ostendo, with an automated API link to MoneyWorks.

Please contact Jennifer on 07 3207 2560 to discuss.

Xero, Xero and more Xero

Xero accounting in the cloud, gets better and better! For those looking for an easy to use, robust application to manage accounting and payroll – Xero is definitely best in show for small to medium businesses. Xero now offers free migrates from the classic version of MYOB Account Right to Xero , so your historical data from 1 July 2014, is moved to Xero, if you move with a Xero partner.

ABC is offering NEW Xero clients (who are already clients of ABC), the chance to get 4 months Xero subscription FREE and data migrated to Xero, if you contact ABC to move to Xero before 31 March 2015.

If you are an existing ABC client, with Xero, you are also able to get 4 months of your subscription free, if you introduce a NEW Xero client to ABC (who is not already a client of ABC). This offer is also until 31 March 2015.

Xero has a HUGE variety of add-ons, to give you a perfect front end experience for your business. ABC specialise in Ostendo and Workflow Max – both jobbing add-ons for Xero. Ostendo is a fully complete option, with stock control, manufacturing and jobbing plus mobile option. Workflow Max, is a small jobbing and time tracking solution.

Please contact Carol on 07 3207 2560
to discuss any of the Xero solutions.

The Finance Boomer – and Why You Should Be Planning for Your After Business Life

ABC now has a financial planning business called The Finance Boomer. Carol has an Aust Financial Services Licence, so those that have spent many, many years growing and managing their business, with the assistance of ABC, can now work towards ‘getting a return from that long term investment’, with pre and post retirement strategies. Carol provides strategic advice only, we DO NOT sell product, or accept trailing commissions. We provide personal strategic advice on the following:

  • Transition to Retirement Pensions
  • Superannuation
  • Investments inside and outside superannuation
  • Account based pensions
  • Cash flow and budgeting in retirement
  • Aged Care costing
  • Estate planning options
  • What is a SMSF? And do I need one?
  • Centrelink entitlements

If you are 10 years, or less, from retirement, then planning to retire needs to be as important, as the growing of the business, home mortgages and school fees etc. We also need to review the business processes, and look at what needs to be done, to prepare a business for sale, or moving to another generation. The Finance Boomer was started, so that over 50s focus on themselves, and their needs, as retirement can be as long as work life, and needs to be planned to be enjoyed. We can discuss and cost transition periods, such as part time employment, with part pensions.

Please call Carol on 07 3821 7589
for a FREE, no obligation, one hour meeting.

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